Юлія Лапушанська - don’t ask

don’t ask

don’t ask

i kicked my husband

i tried to protect myself

i was telling him

that his words
are painful to me

he didn’t hear me

it was so painful
that my heart was broken many times

he didn’t know
it’s not the best idea
to bull a person
you suppose to love
and protect

he had my key
the key from my house

i was under stress
after the start of the war
changing my place of living
i hated the idea
of living in the same house
with different

but housemaster
needed money
i think so
but don’t know
maybe he wanted to help

i am thankful to him

the thankfulness
was huge
i’ve never seen
people so good to me

i’ve read to the end
my book
i’ve took
with my self
the success of Mary Key
her story

i’ve read it in bus
and had with myself
in a shirt
polish bible
in a little pocket
i was so afraid and scared
during the way through ukraine
to Poland
that was reading it
through the long hours of the way
praying over every possible

we were safe
God was watching over us

i’ve knew
i needed to move
before it even happened
i was misunderstood
by my church
and it was in my whole city
and in the country also
many people knew
SDA ones
what happened

i was in police
one person had written that i was guilty

i was listening to the Lord
and it’s written
love the neighbour
as yourself
so yea

after it
when i was
by my church leaders
and many people
judging and hating
many of them
still don’t
communicate with me
and i know why

i know why
they trust gossip
without asking

i remember that moments
if preaching in police
saying them
about my beliefs

and after it
my limits
and boundaries

i can’t safe a person
without them wanting if

i can’t
it’s their decision

if they want to die
it’s their choice
and it’s hard
but true

it is don’t care
about being abandoned
by people
God has always family
and people for me

if i wouldn’t be
too proactive in my local church
i would start being proactive
in my SDA telegram life
being administrator
of many christian channels
and always on touch
my our youth

if i would be left by it
i would renew my blogger
aka digital ministry


God always knows
and HIs ways
are better


i am Julie
just Lia

and i am not perfect
but God does

and God has given me hope
John Maxwell has been misunderstood
in police
best even after the Jesus leader I ever know
who was living in this planet

author of many live-changing books

Didenok was also restricted in his local church
and now
he is manager
and has a blogger agency
taking care of the most popular influencers in his country
and sharing Gospel to celebrities
all the time

it’s power
God has a power over my life
I can’t control everything

Jesus was hated
for loving them

He was highly disrespected
by people

it’s ok
if they
hate you

you are Gods child
He knows it all

you shouldn’t be scared of people
God is here

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