Ruslana Mayster - Masks


Автор: Ruslana Mayster
We wear a mask that grins and lies,
It hides our face and shades our eyes,
We hurt, we cry, we hide our file,
With torn and bleeding hearts we smile.

We act so right, we look so good,
But friends, I ask you, don’t be fooled,
I wear a mask, I wear so many…
But who I am doesn’t fit any…

Got one for school, for church, for home.
But who am I when I’m alone?
“I’m hurt”, “I doubt”, “I can’t”, “I’m weak”
‘I’m insecure”, ‘’alone”, I’m sick”
“I need approval”, “I’m depressed”
…But I just got to look my best!

I try so hard to make a good impression.
And do it well, as if it’s my profession,
I laugh it off, “I got it all together!’’
As if my mood doesn’t depend of weather…

And life goes on… I find myself, again,
Lost and confused, of who I really am.
What if the point of living in disguise…
What is the purpose of my constant lies?

I seal the natural and bring out the fake…
Trying to cover up the deeper ache.
..When will I finally realize?
These masks, they keep me paralyzed!

“I’m stuck”, “I’m torn”, “I can’t move on!”
Lord, help me leave this hopeless zone!
To You I bring all my distress…
All masks, All failures, All my mess!

You see me Father inside out,
Your love is true, without a doubt,
Make masterpiece, out of my mess,
So only You I will impress!
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