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3085 When I say I am a Christian
Carol Wimmer

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After twenty-two years of church ministry, as a director of music and artistic ministries, Ms. Wimmer sensed a strong call to remove herself from leadership within the institutional model of church organization. Reluctantly, in 1995, she left the comfort of the known and waited for direction. Shortly thereafter, from 1996 to 2000, Ms. Wimmer experienced an intense time of spiritual instruction. The inspired insights opened the door to fresh theological perspectives in three areas of human concern: time, language, and the organization of God’s people. Believing that personal insight must be grounded in credible evidence, Ms. Wimmer entered into full-time biblical research which culminated in the presentation of several academic papers within the Society of Biblical Literature. She believes that the information, poured into her vessel many years ago, has the power to reorient the focus of the church of tomorrow. Therefore, Ms. Wimmer writes from a futuristic and visionary perspective. She joyfully shares the inspired perceptions in an effort to sow seeds in humanity’s spiritual garden. She is confident that God’s Spirit will water the seeds and ultimately turn personal illumination into collective awareness. Ms. Wimmer lives in Tulsa, OK with her husband of forty-five years. In their free time, she and her husband enjoy gardening, carpentry, interior design, and renovating old or neglected houses. Together, they have two children and three grandchildren.

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